"Happy" Aromatherapy Roller by The Willow Field

"Happy" Aromatherapy Roller by The Willow Field

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Before you walk out the door, set an intention for your day ahead.

Each aromatherapy roller is hand crafted with love and a healing purpose in mind from the highest quality, organic, and ethically sourced ingredients. Each one is made with love and good vibes to ensure only the best and highest energy is rolled out. 

Applying the Happy oil on pulse points and behind t e base of your neck will allow these powerful essential oils to uplift your mood and your spirit. 

We encourage our subscribers to develop a mantra and then apply. Connecting a mental, vocal, and sensory connection will help bring power to your mantra. Reapply throughout the day and feel the Happy! 


❤ Fractionated Coconut Oil*
❤ Grape Seed Oil*
❤ Lavender
❤ Tangerine
❤ Bergamot
❤ Ylang Ylang
❤ Geranium
❤ Lemon
❤ Coriander
❤ Jasmine
❤ Roman Chamomile
❤ Palmarose
❤ Rose Essential Oils

*Organic Materials

Size: 5 ml.