Diosa Box was founded on one objective:

Empower women from the inside out to help them feel beautiful and strong.

Modern women are becoming more and more powerful. Gone are the days that being a wife and a mother were the only roles we needed to prepare for. Now, we are that and so much more.

The tricky thing is that as we grow and become successful in many aspects of our lives, we spread ourselves too thin and we BURN OUT! 

The projects pile up, the inbox overflows. With less and less time available; self care is the first thing to go. 

Diosa Box provides you with the convenience of curating amazing self care goods you didn’t even know you needed. We free up your time by staying up to date with the latest and greatest among the indie beauty scene. Always all-natural. Always non-toxic. 

If you agree that beauty radiates from the inside out, then you will love Diosa Box. 


Meet our Mavens


Nicole Torres


An LA native, Nicole believes in living life to the fullest and that laughter really is the best medicine. She enjoys exploring alternative methods for healing and relieving stress - recently becoming a certified Reiki practitioner. As a self proclaimed natural product junkie and a rebel at heart, she believes aging gracefully is the secret to feeling good in your own skin at every age.


Amanda Morse


California grown and Kale fueled, Amanda lives her life to collect friends, experiences and accomplishments. Believing deeply that you have a choice on what you want your life to be and that health, family and Standard Poodles are her stones on the path to those dreams.